Ecopods Bathroom Cleaner (refill/pods) - 3 pieces

  • €9,75

Powerful, ecological and simple! Ecopods bathroom cleaner capsules dissolve in water and are biodegradable. If you need something that easily removes lime, dirt and unpleasant odors, has a descaling effect while it ensures a shiny result, then these pods are perfect for you!

Moreover, it is also suitable for cleaning your toilet. Traditional cleaning products usually contain more than 80% water, however ecopods are made out of natural ingredients so it does not transport water. Just simply spray the product on a micro-fibre cloth, enjoy the fruity scents and let the cleaner do the job for you!

The pods:
- Are suitable for various surfaces in your bathroom and toilet. Be careful with natural stone though!
- Are biodegradable and vegan.
- Should be put into the 500 ml or 750 ml atomizer (aluminum bottle) filled up with water - let the capsule dissolve first, then it is good to go!
- Should be placed in water with dry hands (after all it dissolves in water)

Ingredients: Alkyl Polyglycoside, Citric Acid, Ethanol, Coconut Soap, Lactic Acid

PH value: 3.0 + - 0.5 (sol. 3%)

Size: 3 pods per pack