Ecopods Degreaser (refill/pods) - 3 pieces

  • €9,75

Powerful, ecological and simple! Ecopods degreaser capsules dissolve in water and are biodegradable. It is a perfect choice to get rid of stubborn dirt and grease on all kinds of surfaces. It is also suitable for cleaning stainless steel and ovens.

Traditional cleaning products usually contain more than 80% water, however EcoPods are made out of natural ingredients so it does not transport water. Just simply spray the product on a micro-fibre cloth and let the cleaner do the job for you!

You also don’t have to worry about the smell of strong chemicals, because this products has the scent of a natural soap.

The pods:
- Are suitable for various surfaces.
- Are biodegradable and vegan.
- Should be put into the 500 ml or 750 ml atomizer (aluminum bottle) filled up with water - let the capsule dissolve first, then it is good to go!
- Should be placed in water with dry hands (after all it dissolves in water)

Ingredients: Alkyl Polyglycoside, Citric Acid, Ethanol, Coconut Soap, Lactic Acid

PH value: 9.0 + - 0.5 (sol. 3%)

Size: 3 pods per pack / 15gr per pod