What a journey... and it's just the beginning!

“In just 60 years, we’ve collectively created more than 6.3 billion tonnes of plastic waste. And almost 80% of this is estimated to have ended up in landfill or as litter, polluting our land and oceans. There’s no way around it: we need to create a circular economy, in which plastic never becomes waste.”
— Impact Hub

Reducing single use plastic is our passion.

We are all aware that the planet is in a climate crisis.

As we come to terms with a year that has reset our understanding of our immediate impact on the environment, we are more certain than ever that simple changes can create a better world.

Our circular journey started when we moved to Amsterdam and attempted to limit the staggering amount of plastic waste we produced on a daily basis. Frustrated with a lack of options that minimise single-use packaging, we developed a local solution that works for everyone (not just eco-warriors and off-the-grid gurus).

We were inspired by fond memories of the milkman who delivered full bottles to our front doors and took the empties away. Applying the same eco-friendly and efficient model to home & body essentials, we offer reusable bottle delivery to your door. All the convenience, with none of the hassle.

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Our Mission

We’re here to show you how easy it can be to free your homes and offices from the single-plastic packaging. It is only in the last 60 years that it has become the default way we buy all our household essentials.

Our partners share our vision for a circular future - we only stock products with a clear conscience, all sustainable and fully traceable, ensuring that we look after people as well as planet.

Reduce plastic pollution one bottle at a time.

Core team

Caroline Villamizar Duque


Caroline is a British entrepreneur who previously founded and ran a multiple award-winning marketing & luxury events business, operating in 30 countries. Driven by her passion for stopping the tide of plastic pollution she saw wherever she travelled, she sold her share in the business to move to Amsterdam and set up This is Circular.

Evelin Földvári

Marketing and Ops Manager

Evelin is from Hungary, a recent graduate in Business Administration at UVA. Her passion for entrepreneurship and sustainability drives her to help the team to operate smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

J-A Villamizar

Product Design & UX

Caroline’s husband is a product and UX designer, with many years' experience working both agency-and client-side in the UK and USA. He looks after our design and website.


Chief Happiness Officer

Keeping us all grounded and focused on our mission.


Simona Nickmanova

Sustainability & Partnerships

Simona is our sustainability strategist, full of great ideas and well-connected in the Amsterdam start-up, event and tech scenes. She brings the right partners on-board and connects the dots, making sure we stay on the course, every step of the way.

Yael Weisberg


Yael has over two decades of experience in branding, design, and communications strategy across multiple sectors. As our messaging maven, sparring partner, and all-round wordsmith, Yael ensures that our voice is distinctive, consistent and confident, reflecting our values and vision for a Circular future.

Zahra Noble Sabokhbar

Social Media

Zahra has a background in content marketing and creation, with a focus in e-commerce & editorial. She has previously worked for the multi-award winning app Grabble & more recently VICE media in London & Amsterdam.

Alessandro Gallo Stampino

Strategy & Customer

Alessandro is spreading the word about our brand to new customers. He brings 3 years of experience in Product and Marketing for a global tech company in the travel industry.