Gedreven door impact

In the Netherlands alone, the consumption of plastic bottles is around 1.4 billion units per year.That is 650 million big bottles and even more small plastic bottles. Per year.

–, Netherlands 2017

Ons doel is om tegen eind 2021 10.000 plastic flessen voor eenmalig gebruik te vervangen door herbruikbare flessen en 100.000 kg plastic uit de zeeën te verwijderen. Er is nog veel te doen!

Door producten in herbruikbare containers te kopen, kun je met ons mee op onze reis om onze aarde schoon te maken. Voor elk product dat je bij ons koopt, halen we 5 plastic flessen uit de oceaan. De toekomst is Circular, en we zijn hier om het te bewijzen!


Onze Partners

The only way to achieve change is to collaborate. To achieve our bold goals, we partner with following organisations:


Together with Plan A we measure, reduce and offset our business carbon footprint whilst creating an employee culture of sustainability.


We partnered up with Seven Clean Seas, an international environmental organisation that is committed to recover 10,000,000kg marine debris by 2025. As a Worlds first Ocean Plastic Offsetting (OPO) provider, they now operate in five countries with ongoing coastal clean up and educational events in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, UK and Brazil.

We remove 10 plastic bottles from the ocean for every product you purchase from our shop. The future is Circular, and we're here to prove it!


We’re a member of The GreenTech Alliance, which brings together globally active impact-driven businesses, working towards sustainability and fighting climate change.


We collaborate with Fairphone, a company that believes that a fairer electronics industry is possible. We’re proudly using Fairphone smartphones, which are built to the most sustainable and fair standards known to us, and therefore perfectly match our company’s values.


Sustainability has many faces! Makers Unite make our face masks and Denim Totes, out of denim cut-offs that would otherwise end up in trash. The bottom of our denim totes was once a life vest helping people reach safety. Now, upcycled into a circular packaging, it is helping connect creative newcomers (often with a refugee background) to the job market, leveraging their talents to build a new life in the Netherlands.


Impact Hub of the world’s largest networks focused on building entrepreneurial communities for impact at scale — for entrepreneurs who are creating tangible solutions to the world’s most pressing issues. This is Circular is a graduate of the Impact Hub Business Model Challenge Programme.


We are working towards a more sustainable planet for all, following United Nation’ Sustainable Development Goals 11 & 12.

We are committed

We realize that we're not perfect, and we're learning and improving as we go - if you have suggestions on how we can do better, please don't hesitate to get in touch via