Natural Leave-in Hair Conditioner & Mask

  • €24,50

Who wants to give their hair a nourishing and restoring treatment? Try DIYSsoap’s 100 % natural hair mask! Alongside of your regular hair care, the use of a hair mask is important for the health of your hair. The careful selection of calendula, shea butter and ginseng extract boost your hair and gives it back its natural shine. By massaging the mask into your hair, you also stimulate the blood circulation on your scalp which help to increase your hair growth.

- 100% natural and vegan
- Suitable for dry, damaged and frizzy hair
- Restores and Protects the hair

- As a conditioner: wash your hair with shampoo, then apply the nourishing hair mask evenly to the hair. Let it sit for 10 minutes and rinse off.
- As a leave-in conditioner: apply to dry and damp hair without rinsing. Massage into mid-lengths and lengths of hair.

Main Ingredients: Calendula extract (organic), Coconut oil (organic), Sheabutter (organic), Chamomile extract (organic), Hemp extract (organic) and Ginseng extract

Size: 100ml (glass jar)